Server emblem

Welcome to New Equestria.

We are a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themed Role-Play Minecraft Server, with optional vanilla survival or a hybrid play of adventurer from Equestria to the wilds, earning bits to make a living back home.

The server is broken into three main worlds: Equestria, Wilds and Harvest.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a pony roaming Equestria? Look no further. In our Equestria World you will have unique abilities of a class you choose. In this world you will not be able to place or break blocks unless you earn your own home. There are mines, lumber-mills, farms, everything a pony needs. Unicorns will have their magic and be able to trade and sell scroll spells, as well as choose the item enchantment they want. Pegasi will be able to fly and craft armor, and Earth Ponies will be able to harvest crops that are scattered across the map.

Role-Playing not your thing? Just want to play normal survival with some friends? Then the Wilds world is just for you. This world is here to stay and is free build. Want to join a town? Talk to the town’s Mayor or New Equestria Moderator. Want to go it alone? Pick a spot in the middle of a forest and build a little cottage. The choice is up to you.

Need some extra supplies? That’s where the Harvest World comes in, you can go here to mine various resources and either use them or sell them at markets located in the Wilds. This world will be reset periodically as resources are depleted. So it would be unwise to build your house here. Class abilities will not work in Wilds or Harvest worlds, it is your normal survival experience.

You can find the latest news and updates on our news page. Want to see upcoming events? Check out our calendar. Having problems with the server? Got a question or just want to talk? Take a look at our forums. Take some time and explore the website, who knows, you might just find a hidden surprise or two. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

The New Equestria Staff.