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Website has suffered a crash and as a result, we regret to inform you that the old website has been retired and stored away in place of this simpler website. There will be no more accounts or forums.

Today we're making a decision that took everyone in our staff to heart and we all agreed. We're shutting down the Minecraft Server known as New Equestria and what our IP has been based on for over 4 years now. We think minecraft itself has run its course for us and we wish to begin with something new and exciting for us to be invigorated once again and move into new venues.

Everything we wanted and dreamed for the server has come a long way and we've achieved it, we made our mark.

There's been so many stories that many of us can't begin to comprehend the work we have done here. We want to do more, after so long we have remained steady, but with the wind of change so have our interests. We wish to move forward and focus more on us and our friendships, communicating like we did years ago and play games of varying kinds, broaden our demographic to not just ponies but of anything and anyone. We want to see new faces to both roleplay and share experiences with.

Our goal now is to be able to gain a swath of new games and people in. Focus on the community, adjusting to the times as we go and not be stuck in one place, perhaps launch multiple servers for different games or help do so with others that dreamed of such things and support them in anyway we can within our limitations. Our staff have been around for years and we're very excited to see what we can do from the works we did here.

We are not shutting down the website but New Equestria in time is going to be facing some big changes and it is highly recommended that you get connected on our Discord server.

We ask that you take these worlds found under Downloads for your own personal use to explore on SP and not to be used for public service, these are our wishes and we give the worlds to all of you in good faith. Many ponies have worked endlessly on this server and all that it has come to be, please be respectful as this was a hard decision for our staff.

For the memories of this wondrous place we called Equestria we worked on, I hope you will take the time to read into our history. And know that the future is always bright.

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