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    Copper Crystal

    Firstly, I did not get a conclusive answer on how much time is supposed to have passed between the first join and something like this, so in case I’m following through too quickly you might just keep this for later.

    Now to the actual substance – I built a lot of the stuff found on the ponyconcordia server, but had developed my preferred style of architecture in singleplayer before that.

    Primarily I enjoy creating detailed structures of any size, including both terraforming and buildings, as well as scenic paths and railway tracks, usually constructed in a way that would make sense according to rules of normal physics and engineering (can’t stand it when things look like they will collapse if you kick them).

    I have to admit I tend to get annoyed if I do not like the style I’m expected to build in, but that mostly applies to the Crystal-town or “cloud”-structures.

    Anyhow, I have a selection of some screenshots available here:

    If you like what you see, I’ll be fine with talking further when it’s convenient to you.

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    Sorry for the delay. Ah have been trying to deal with life side of things and when it came to New Equestria, Ah was needed on the server.

    Now your request Ah think we can get ya in on the shenanigans. Things have been slow these days with the build team but very hectic with the dev.

    Does a place like Dodge Junction or improving the walk to Ponyville interest you? Or adding things to let the player explore in the Everfree or other parts of the world? We could use some detailing more than anything.

    If so, just contact me on Skype: maxos_eternal and we’ll get you through the submission phase. Bare in mind, due to trusting of our builders with the ability to build. We limit first timers with no WorldEdit or Voxelsniper. So ya could do a lot of the small detail-lings until you’ve proven a valuable asset to the team and then move on to terraforming. Shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for ya since we know you.

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    Copper Crystal

    Sounds good.

    Notice though I likely won’t always be available by skype. Just made the n-th throwaway account (with n ∈ ℕ) and connecting with ghetto-skype.

    Though I am always reachable by e-mail, XMPP or just on, #sunbuttCafe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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