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    Queen Chrissy

    I’d love to be Queen Chrysalis

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    You weren’t referred to this topic at first before making this request of yours. But none the less you didn’t give much time or consideration and jumped left and right with quick and at some points, shouting demands, because you were in a hurry. This you see, proves costly. As Ah can’t give you this title for not being on more than a week, as well as behaving rudely. A canon title isn’t something to be taken lightly. If you were to be any canon you would be representing our server and who we are and our community’s personality. You would be representing us and we would be responsible for what you do and how you act.

    Despite of all this, there’s also the fact that Queen Chrysalis is a moderator only title due to her needing more permissions to properly play her role. And before you start, no, you can’t be a moderator because of the same issues that got you denied for this request in the first place.

    Please take this as a lesson to be more patient. Being so rushed throws you into more road blocks than it’s worth. As well it only makes someone like me lose favor in you for requests in the future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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