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    Hello there! I would like to apply for the canon name and character of Cherry Jubilee.
    I would love to be the role of Cherry as she is my favorite pony, and I think she is truly one of the most interesting background characters in my opinion. I love how shes introduced and how she acts and how she appears in the episode ‘Party Pooped’ , especially how she reacts and treats Pinkie Pie. After their encounter in the first episode she appears in, she is so kind to the Mane 6 and others and even gives the audience a couple laughs in ‘Party Pooped’ as well. Her design is so unique compared to the rest of the BG ponies as well, making her more interesting to me as well. She feels relatable to some extent. I would be honored to take on the role of Cherry Jubilee and I believe I would be able to give the server a good name by representing this character.

    I have been playing on the server for I believe a couple of months and I haven’t been on as of late because school just started a couple weeks ago, and I have a limited amount of time on now. However, ( though most of the time nobody is on. ) I love to get on and explore the map. ( Currently exploring Ponyville right now! ) I am active on the discord server, my name currently on discord is ‘Robert is my city’. Ive been a little shy to talk to others on the server, so if you all would prefer to get to know me before accepting this I gladly understand and I would love to get to know all of the members and the staff members.

    Thank you all for reading and considering!

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