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    So you want to make a suggestion for the server to add something new and exciting, eh? Well hold onto your apples for a minute and let me give ya some advice!

    Here on New Equestria, we pride ourselves of being as original as possible, everything you see here is either hoof made, commission, or volunteer or requested works just for our flavor of home. So with anything, it may take some time.

    Speaking of flavor, We have a special kind of goal here on New Equestria that you need to know. We’re a community with RolePlay, Survivial or a hybrid of both play styles. Which means how you play is up to you. But know that we want to make sure that everypony else has a good time too.

    Somethings we don’t want to do is make the server what it is not. Such as a Prison Server, PvP Server, Tekkit Server, Modded Server, etc. We’ve been maintaining the ability for any pony with a vanilla Minecraft client to join our server for the experience we crafted. A RolePlay Server where you may live out your dreams of being a citizen of Equestria. And if that doesn’t suit your fancy, there are plenty of things you may do as well. Such as play normal survival and build your own home from your bare hooves. And of course there’s always another way to play, but we’re here to talk about making suggestions.

    So how do you make a suggestion for New Equestria? Well the term, “see a need, fill a need”, can be your foundation for what ideas you come up with. Biggest thing Ah need to mention is try and make a suggestion not for your own benefit, but rather for every pony else that you think need something that is missing in our world.

    Thank ya for your hard work and determination! Just remember that if your idea didn’t go through, you’re greatly appreciated for trying darling. And don’t be afraid to make suggestions as you keep inventing new ideas. We can use all the help we can get!

    – Applejack

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