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    I’m feeling a little bored around here, so let’s play a game! It’s pretty simple, the rules are as follows:

    You post a couple lyrics to one of your favorite songs. The next person to comment needs to answer with the song title AND artist, then comment with their own song lyrics of choice. Bonus point if you can guess the album, too.

    Try to challenge each other, maybe we’ll pick up some new tunes none of us would’ve ever listened to before! (I can always use new tunes…)

    I guess I’ll start. Let’s start off with something easy

    Standin’ in the rain, with his head hung low,
    couldn’t get a ticket; it was a sold-out show.
    Heard the roar of the crowd, he could picture the scene,
    put his head to the wall, then like a distant scream…
    He heard one guitar!
    Just blew him away!
    Saw stars in his eyes!
    And the very next day!

    I’ll be keeping a notepad of all the scores, and post them every so-often (unless this gets more popular, then probably weekly). Let’s have some fun!

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    Hope can live or die.

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