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    Hello Staff Team ^^
    Im Here for request to be Pinkie Pie,i know the server dont give to new players,and im here because i make one week in the server!
    well,i already join in the server and i play every morning today ????
    well,i love the builds and all!
    i want to be Pinkie not because is a great title,because is dont just a title!
    i want to take Pinkie Role because I want to help everypony to make new friends and encourage to be honest, have a good mood, have generosity, loyalty and friendship.
    is not just a title and will help with all the responsibility that I have, roleplay acting as the character, help everypony in free time and give my best in this amazing server ????
    Thxs by all,i make one week in the server for apply and i already read the rules at spawn/Requirements for a canon role.
    i think i gonna be a great party pony :)

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    Ah’right now hold your horses. Ah’m going to have to ask you to reread what Ah said to you earlier. About us needing to see you in action, not just acknowledging your existence for a week.

    With that said, Ah am going to have to inform you that this request is denied. All further requests will be denied till Ah personally, with just you and you only, come and tell you that you can request a title. Sorry that Ah have to do this but the server has been down and we haven’t been able to see you (which btw Ah was sent bailing for mah dad on the night Ah said Ah’d be on when the server was finally online.)

    You seem to jump at the next chance you get to request a title, and if it weren’t for friends of yours, Ah’d ban you for spamming :/ Cause that’s what ya doing Sugercube. If you’ve gone this far with every request being denied, then you should clue in that you need to make an impression on us. Not pester us for a title just to feel like you fit into a world. It’s not our responsibility to give you a prefix, nor to make you fit in. It’s up to you and you only. But we do need to make sure you are comfortable. But we can’t do that if you’re making us uncomfortable. You scratch mah back Ah scratch yours, okay?

    If Ah see one more title request Ah will follow through with mah word and ban you. Enough is enough.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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