• Lunaris Nocte posted an update 1 year ago

    @maxoseternal Evening Applejack, quite the server you have here although i must mention the severe absence of ponies in Equestria. Even so, it is simply wonderful.

    • Maxos replied 1 year ago

      Ah, sorry for that, Ah suppose Ah wasn’t notified like ah thought Ah be. You’re here during the holidays and we’ve only just gone public in the last few weeks. Everypony here except for a recent few, ponies were all altered to this place’s existence by word of mouth. We’re a small server atm cause of it. Took a lot of heart and dedication in 3 years to get the Equestria ya seem to take a liken too ^-^ Thank ya.

      • Despite the lack of a general public i can tell that a lot of work has gone into this. All the small details and dedication to making this Equestria into Equestria really has paid off. I met Cadence awhile ago and she was nice, hopefully i make your acquaintance someday.