• Lunaris Nocte posted an update 1 year ago

    @maxoseternal Evening once again Applejack, you are somepony I can talk to right? If so, do you know how long Admins and Mods are on the server? I was just wondering if you knew because some ideas were running through my head.

    • Maxos replied 1 year ago

      Ah am one of em -w- Ah will admit to one week of game binging but that’s with a friend whom Ah gave a fun game too, gotta invest in those that matter to you, like family. But Ah will be on tomorrow and for the next few days getting some work done on the server. When, is usually during the evening around 6 (-7 GMT)

      • I understand completely, do not let me mess in personal matters, I was only wondering because I had some ideas on my mind. However, it seems that the admins do have a regular schedule so I think these ideas may better suit being discussed in roleplay. Thanks for the info.