Hearth’s Warming Eve Starts now!

The server wide event we all know and love is starting now! Get your butts on here and come join in the fun as we spend time in the ballroom of Twilight’s castle, as well as enjoy a lovely fireworks show after everything’s said and done. Plus there’s a special bonus at Sweet Apple Acres as a sort of after party for those that linger.

Hearth’s Warming Eve Server Wide Event.

We are going to have our very first Event here on New Equestria! 2016 December 27th, Hearth’s Warming Eve. We’re gonna take it easy with a cozy fire at Sweet Apple Acres. Bring your friends and yourself as we enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other more! There will be some stories and gifts to be shared. Tis the season of giving and it’s encouraged to bring your own gift to give to a friend.

Time should be 6PM, -7 GMT.

Blaze rod issue!

We’ve uncovered an issue with blaze rods only within the Equestria world as much as we know. Mob dropped blaze rods are not craft-able into any item, i.e blaze powder or brewing stand. We did however stop the problem from generating more of these problem rods. So you may go forth and harvest once again. But anything harvested before Oct 15th, 2016, are subject to this sort of corruption, and will infect entire stacks if one bad rod gets in a stack. You will notice this when you are unable to craft the rods into anything, they may appear with the crafted result for a moment but then disappear soon after.

Moderators/Staff will help you by exchanging your rods for new ones. If you find you have a bad rod, try to isolate it and present it to a moderator or admin. As this kind of rod even denies that of admin perms and it is something we very much encourage you to bring in for replacement.

Mining world reset complete

The mining world has been replaced with a brand new generated world in 1.8 and you should be able to get a lot more of the new resources that are available to bring home in the wilds.

Now know, if you didn’t get out of dodge like we forwarn y’all about this reset a long while ago. Then you’ll spawn at the server spawn and you may very well loose your inventory for the wilds, check to see if you did by visiting the wilds world as inventories are shared between the mining world and wilds. As well, any builds or chests that were left in the mining world are now forever archived in the world folder of the old mining world. If you’d like this world to be published for download to say recover something personal like a book, be sure ta raise your vote through the comments on this blog.

Also as with every world altering situation, please let us know if you’ve lost your inventory from the last three months. Anything before that is probably not recoverable.

Home data was lost due to plugin change to resolve conflict.

We had a bug where after going /home it would not record you last location for /back. To resolve this we had to remove a plugin and let essentials handle all the teleporting in the game so it may properly record everything. This means you will have to click on your bed again and set your home like we use too before. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!