Global Rules

For all our services. (Website, Skype group, Server, etc…)

  1. All posts and chat must be PG. No rule 34 or NSFW content, gore, intense violence, drugs, links to inappropriate pics, suggestive content, or foul language in posts or roleplays. We may have younger players on so all content and chat is to remain PG at all times.
  2. Listen to the administrators and moderators. They are there for a reason, please do what they say.
  3. Do not pretend to be a staff member. Last thing we want is someone playing staff and preventing a player from getting help from a real staff member.
  4. There is to be no racism, sexism or hate speech. Everyone is equal here and gets treated as such.
  5. No advertising. Please do not advertise other servers or services, we are mostly advert free here.
  6. Do not plagiarize. Don’t pretend to be somepony your not or try and pass off someone else’s work as your own.
  7. No bullying, harassing or stalking. We have a strict no bullying policy here, harassing and stalking fall under the category of bullying.
  8. No trolling or spamming. Nopony likes a troll or a spammer so please don’t do it.
  9. There is to be no prejudice of any kind. Like I said before, everyone is equal here so treat them that way.
  10. No malicious material. This means no links to harmful websites, downloads or anything of the sort.
  11. Do not use font styles excessively. Nopony likes it when someone shouts at them in all caps constantly.
  12. Do not post spoilers. Nopony likes to know how a show or movie ends before they see it.
  13. Keep on topic. This includes posting in the correct forums. Don’t go putting an introduction in the general chat when there is an introduction forum. This also includes posting about your new car when the thread was created for discussing the latest episode.
  14. Do not use any vulgar or inappropriate display names. If you do they will be changed which will cause problems when you go to log into the website.
  15. Other languages may be used in limited context. Saying hello or goodbye in a foreign language is ok, however sentences or full posts are not. The main language here is english. Google translate is not an excuse, our staff cant moderate it if they can’t read it.
  16. Predatory behavior will result in a permanent, non-negotiable ban. We here at New Equestria do not support any type of predatory behavior. We take the safety of our players very seriously, if you act in any predatory way towards our players it will result in an immediate, non-negotiable permanent ban.
  17. Posts must not advertise or solicit any external products or service. Art commissions and stuff is ok, but don’t go trying to run or advertise your business or somepony else’s off our site.
  18. Respect Staff. Last thing we want is to cut ponies off because you wanted something and didn’t get it and decided to call names or break rule #1 in a fit. We take things seriously when something is said. Respect the staff and listen to what they have to say and you won’t get into trouble.

Server Rules

Server Specific Rules

Global (All Worlds)

  1. No griefing. This includes breaking other players buildings or structures, annoying other players in any way, stealing, raiding and attacking without a players permission.
  2. No XP grinders or automatic farms or contraptions. These cause lag for other players so do not make them. User input is required. Pushing a button to harvest some melons is fine, having a farm that grows and harvests without you being present is not. Redstone clocks are also included in this as it slows the tick rate for other players.
  3. Buildings are not permitted in the nether or mining world. These worlds reset and it is not the staffs job to relocate your buildings to a different world. Anything lost will not be able to be retrieved. You may build a house in the wilds as that is what that world was made for. Temporary shelters are allowed so long as you don’t mind loosing them. 2 weeks notice will be given before a reset.
  4. Any flight addons or xray mods are prohibited. Mods such as minimaps, inventory management and dynamic lights are fine, stuff like flight addons and x-ray are not. If it gives you an unfair advantage it is not allowed.
  5. No floating trees. If you wish to gather wood, chop all the wood of the tree. The leaves will naturally decay. Leaving a log in so there is a ball of leaves floating in the air is not allowed.
  6. Replant what you harvest. If you come across a farm and it is not marked private you may gather from it so long as you replant all that you take. This is the same in Equestria for all public farms. This includes any plants or trees as well as animals. If you wish to harvest resources for an animal, breed them first to keep the population up. Coming to someones farm and killing 10 of their cows and leaving only two counts as griefing. If you must gather from others farms, so long as the farm is not marked private, you must leave it with as many animals or cops as it had before you came, essentially, make it as if you were never there.
  7. No 1×1 or 2×2 holes. Doing so can cause others to fall in them and die, especially when they are running from a mob.

Equestria (Equestria World Only)

  1. If you are off-line for more than 2 weeks without letting a staff member know prior to your absence, you will be evicted from any house you own in Equestria. If you are evicted your items will be stored an additional 2 weeks in the designated area. We don’t need a player who is on a couple of times a month for a few hours hoarding a house when there are more active players without one.
  2. You may alter the exterior of your house so long as it still meets the towns style. This means to Canterlot or Appleoosa style houses in Ponyville. Landscaping is up to you, just follow the housing guide you were given when you got the house.
  3. No private farms. You are not permitted to have a farm on your property, outside or inside. There are public farms for you to gather from.

Canon Character.

  1. Please do not apply for a canon name unless you are serious about playing the character. We want people who are serious about the character, not somepony who just wants to wear the name.
  2. If you are approved for a canon name you are expected to represent the character and RP with them, not just use the name. As mentioned above it is your job as a canon to represent that character.
  3. If you are off-line for more than 2 weeks without letting a staff member know before hand, you will lose the character. This is so our canons don’t disappear for weeks at a time.
  4. Just because you have a canon name does not give you any extra power over the other players, regardless of who the character is. Everyone is to be treated as equals, abusing this will result in you losing the character.
  5. You need to be active on the server for at least 2 weeks before you will be considered for a canon role. We have had quite a few people join and immediately request a canon and then once they got approved they disappeared. We want a small show of loyalty before we give you an important role such as a canon character.
  6. Please do not use a canon name until you have made a request for it and have had it approved by a staff member. Please do not make a request and start using the name right away, please wait to have your request approved.

RP Code of Conduct

  1. Pornographic roleplay is strictly prohibited. Remember, keep it PG, even if it is a private RP.
  2. Do not take control of another players character without their permission. Nopony likes having their character controlled by somepony else.
  3. Don’t take full control of the events in a roleplay. Remember, roleplay is a group effort.
  4. Sexual or suggestive roleplay is strictly prohibited. Again, this violates the PG rule.
  5. Players who godmod or compromise the RP for others will be asked to leave the roleplay. Nopony likes an over powered character or someone who constantly tries to play the invincible hero, putting others in harms way just to save them.
  6. Death of a character is not permanent unless the creator agrees. In general death of a character is up to the creator alone.
  7. Understand that not everypony wants to roleplay with you or have you join theirs. Common courtesy is to ask.
  8. Dont use over powered characters. Nopony likes them, that simple.
  9. Stick to the time period of the roleplay. Mainly falls to individual RP but also fits Equestria. Basically don’t go plunging Equestria 200 years in the future and pretending theres all this high tech. Setting Equestria back 50 years and pretending a lot of stuff doesn’t exist is also a bad idea. Same concept for any roleplay.

Please do not pm staff any suggestions, ideas, ban appeals, or asking for help. There are sections for that in the support forums.